ASPT Spetsavtomatika

129626, Russia, Moscow, 16, bldg. 60, 3th Mytischinskaya str.
Phone number
+7 (495) 7426145; +7 (495) 7426145
Fax number
+7 (495) 7426149; +7 (495) 7426149
About company
The "MGP Spetsavtomatika" Company (Moscow) has been successfully operating in the safety systems market since 1991. For many years from the startup, the variety of fire safety projects have been accomplished: office buildings, domestic premises, sports facilities, multifunctional and shopping complexes, hotels, banks, power plants, underground utility systems, tunnels and more. Today the Company focuses on modern automatic gas fire distinguishing equipment manufacture and supply, and also offers direct delivery of these systems featuring extinguishing agent 3MTMNovecTM1230.