ETERNIS, Group of Companies

105425, Russia, Moscow, 48, bldg. 1, 3-ya Parkovaya str.
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+7 (495) 6522754; +7 (495) 6522754
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About company
The ETERNIS group of companies specialises on development, production and realisation of professional fire extinguishing systems: -modules water mist fire extinguishing "TRV Garant"; - modules of powder fire extinguishing "Garant"; - wireless automatic fire extinguishing system "Garant-R"; - wire systems. Besides, the group of companies carries out design and assembly activity on the basis of own line of products. Experts of "ETERNIS" work 10 years in the field of ensuring fire safety. There is a number of innovative development and patents on the account of group of companies today. Quality of the let-out equipment is confirmed with certificates of conformity to norms and standards of the Russian Federation. For years of presence in the market production of "ETERNIS" managed to get a deserved authority among experts in the field of fire safety that is confirmed with a number of branch awards.