Fire extinguishing and fire protection systems

The Sfitex exhibition will feature well-known manufacturers who offer their audience high-quality fire extinguishing equipment and systems that meet the stated standards and requirements. By visiting the exhibition, specialist visitors will be able to choose the optimal solution for their goals, get professional advice and get acquainted with all the new products that are currently on the market.
Products of the section:
• Announcers / sirens
• Fire resistant materials
• Fire resistant coatings
• Fire resistant compounds
• Storage tanks for flammable liquids
• Control panels
• Flame / temperature / smoke detection systems
• Analogue detectors
• Digital detectors
• Optical detectors
• Fire extinguishing agents and mixtures
• Fire extinguishing machinery and specialised equipment
• Fire extinguishing equipment and tools
• Inert gas fire extinguishers
• Aerosol fire extinguishers
• Foam fire extinguishers
• Portable fire extinguishers
• Powder fire extinguishers
• Water fire extinguishers
• Fireproof doors/panels/insulations
• Fire hoses
• Robots
• Fire detectors / sensors
• Sprinkler systems
• Water sprinkler systems
• Fire hydrants
• Explosion suppression systems
• Smoke removal and cooling systems
• Compressed systems for smoke protection
• Fire suppression management system
• Fire protection materials
• Fire resistant windows
• Fire doors
• Fire resistant mortars
• Design, installation and servicing of fire protection systems
• Other

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